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The Mays XIX Exclusive Preview.
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Good evening pop pickers. We had around 800 individual submissions for this year’s Mays Anthology, which is simply astonishing, and may have ruined my chances of successfully submitting my MPhil thesis on time. More important than this however, is the astounding breadth, feeling and skill displayed across this panoply of work.
Catriona and I decided from the very beginning that we would like to showcase everything that Oxbridge has to offer. Rather than being the stuffed up drawly place it once was, Oxford and Cambridge are small but mighty towns, where one can walk into any coffee shop and sit beside a Peruvian archaeologist and a Glaswegian medic, each with their own unique stories to tell, and think nothing of it. Thankfully, the work our guest editors have selected represents just how diverse and fascinating the tales of those studying and pretending to study (hello!) here are.
I’m going to place the final contents pages up around a week from now, and I’d appreciate if you could spread the word to anyone else you know who has submitted work. Quite frankly, the prospect of sending hundreds of emails terrifies me (and my supervisor). I’m sorry to have to do the exam-results-on-the-notice-board thing, but needs must. Best of luck to you who entered, and tell your friends. This year’s Mays is undoubtedly the best yet.

We will announce our guest editors for 2011 here next week. Check back, yes?